Hello! 💚

My name is Peppi.


My coaching approach is holistic, light-hearted and warm and I thrive on helping you reach your goals. The strategies and tools that I use, are all based on positive psychology and cognitive behavioral sciences.


I am a single mother, entrepreneur, adventurer and extreme sports lover, ok so perhaps not as extreme as I used to be. 😉 

I cannot wait to hear your story and be part of helping you move forward in your life and I am happy to coach in English, Spanish, Finnish or Swedish.


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My story

With a dream to see the world, I left Finland at 18 years old fresh out of high school. London, would be my home for the following year and I clearly remember the feeling sitting on the plane excited to start my new life.  The idea was to work in London and return to Finland to study. But as the year came to its end it was a round-the-world backpacking trip with a friend that happened instead. A life changing experience and after a stint of night shifts in a pizza bar in Sydney the idea of studying had become more appetising.  

After a BTEC in European Media Studies followed by a BA (Hons) Communication Design I joined Electronic Arts (EA) where I worked for 5 years at both their UK and Switzerland offices. During this time I took a 10 month sabbatical for a solo bike ride across Asia. After crossing Japan, South Korea and bits of China (big country, long story) I ended up on a 6-week bike ride across Cambodia to raise funds to build a school in Chanleas Dai. There were 6 of us from 5 countries, and whilst pedaling the red dusty roads from the border of Thailand to Vietnam, we had the most incredible journey and life-long friendships were made. Going back to work was supposed to be the start of "real life" however I managed to stick with it just over a year before I again, had sold or given away everything I owned and jumped back on a plane to Phnom Penh. I ran bike and volunteer tours which felt a lot more meaningful after so many years in the corporate world where profits are the main objective. 

But my thirst for more, kept me moving and after learning to kitesurf in Thailand and spending time in Kenya (making the most of Africa on my way to fulfill my bridesmaid duties on the Zambezi), I headed south to Cape Town. There, I strongly felt that being closer than ever before to  Buenos Aires (and South America as a whole), was a sign to head west. Argentina, and Brazil treated me well and I was happy working there as a kitesurfing instructor, but my chronic itchy feet kept me moving. In 2009 I landed in Mexico, which would not only be my home for the next 9 years, but also the place I would become a mother. I started off with opening my own kitesurfing school on the coast of Veracruz, but soon my heart belonged to the endangered sea turtles and no less to a sea turtle conservationist. Together we created an  internationally recognized sea turtle conservation NGO, started a family and built a house on the beach. 

Life takes many turns and in 2018, I was sitting on a plane headed for Helsinki with my son, feeling unsure of whether I had the strength to build a new life for the two of us.  It turns out I did. Not alone of course, but I did. And I found more than strength to just survive, I found new dreams and goals.  I wanted to go forwards. Becoming a Life-Coach was one dream, and the reason why you are here reading this right now.

I personally see life-coaching as a direct investment in your own well-being. It’s empowering being able to untangle your beliefs and thoughts with someone who is only there to ask questions and push you in the direction you want to go. We all have the answers for our own lives, but they can be hard to find alone, but with the process of life-coaching, I believe you will not only find the answers but also find ways to take action to overcome the obstacles and reach the dreams you have in life. 

Yksi miljoonista Peppi Stunkel elää kuten opettaa/ Uno en un millón: Peppi Stünkel sigue sus enseñanzas de vida.


Huvudstadsbladet: 100 RÖSTER OM FINLAND "Åren borta har ökat respekten för födelselandet"

The Nordic Leadership network Ep. 12 – Peppi Stünkel – The Modern-day Campfire.


If you have any questions or would like to talk to me, please drop me an e-mail or book a 15 minute chat to see how we can work together.