How 2021 learnings can be the secret to your success in 2022 through creativity and emotional skills.

Are you feeling out of breath as the pandemic has taken you and your team through the biggest crisis in the history of your business?  And now 2022 is around the corner waiting for a fresh kick -off.

The pandic threw your team into a new world dominated by fear, distancing and isolation, without any time to prepare. The challenges to adapt have been endless and have no doubt created both resilience and creativity. How did it affect you the most?



















Did you just cope through it or did you manage to turn the challenges into opportunities?

Managing feelings of uncertainty as well as upholding motivation are some of the biggest challenges for businesses right now. Everyone is looking for answers and there you are, trying to figure things out on both operational and emotional levels.

How have you facilitated these changes? Have you already found the ”New normal” within your business?

We believe that your team has all the answers you are looking for, and we have created a workshop – not only to find those answers, but also to process the overall effects of 2021 together. This allows us then to turn your team-specific learnings into the diamonds that can then be polished for a successful 2022 start.




Change management workshop for teams (3h)


Who for?

Any team wishing to review 2021 to start new in 2022

Recommended group size: 5-20



Looking back allows us to move forward in the right direction


October 2021- January 2022

People During Workshop
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Minna Pietarinen

Solution focused coach

LCF Life-Coach


LogoArt -art therapy leader


Peppi Stünkel

Solution focused coach

LCF Life-Coach

BA(Hons) Communication Design

BTEC Media Studies