Sinako Art

Transform your life-coaching journey into a piece of art

Sinako was founded in order to fulfill a mutual dream to help people around the world reach their full potential. They share a deep passion and love for coaching, as they know how much their support means for their clients and have seen the incredible results their clients have achieved, once they themselves have discovered their own authentic needs and desires. Seeing the inspiring art made by Minna, many clients wanted to buy her paintings and thus the idea was born to paint the clients own journey for them as a memory of their inner strength, a chosen feeling or insight that they had discovered. This artwork could then remind them, of that which they themselves wished to be reminded, and work as a strong source of positive energy in their life.

A unique life-coaching concept was born, as Sinako took life-coaching to the next level. Realizing how powerful the emotional memory is, Minna Pietarinen and Peppi Stünkel begun to harness the insights their clients found in their coaching sessions and turn them into pieces of art. Both are trained LCF Life-Coaches and Minna is also trained as an art therapy coach and is above all a gifted artist, with an impressive talent to turn emotions and experiences into beautiful pieces of art. 

Transforming  your business values into art

Sinako has also adapted their unique concept into the business world. As many growing companies still struggle to create meaningful values in their organizations despite their best efforts, Sinako has developed a team coaching program based on the embodiement of the company values. Working with each employee to evaluate the meaning of these values for them personally, even on an emotional level, helps them embody the core values the business sets forth.  As a unique finishing touch, the company will receive a powerful piece of art, encompassing the emotions and vision of the team. This works as a reminder to awaken the emotional memory which inspires their daily behaviours, allowing for values and culture to align and succeed.

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