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About us

Hi! 🤍

We are Peppi and Minna.

We have both had interesting journeys in life, with great achievements and big losses, but most of all a lot of lessons learned about being human. We met and studied together as solution-focused life-coaches and Sinako was born, out of a deep friendship and a heartfelt desire to help and support others in their journey. 


Our coaching approach is holistic, yet you decide which area or goal you wish to address during any given session. We use the strategies and tools that are likely to be the most effective in your particular situation. These are all based on positive psychology and cognitive behavioral sciences. With us you will find and atmosphere of openness, warmth and total non-judgment and what we hope to receive from you in return is simply the desire to commit to your own goals. As coaches we both find that humour and lightness, is as essential in coaching as it is in life.

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